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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mandatory post about the European Constitution

Of course this will change the future: French say firm 'No' to EU treaty:

French voters have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's proposed constitution in a key referendum.

Almost 55% of people voted 'No', with 45% in favour. Turnout was high, at about 70%.

A very interesting post in Hit and Run:

In France, normally, we have a representative democracy. Is the correct word? With some little part of direct democracy. So it happens, and not very frequently, because it's dangerous, but when it happens it can result like with something more indicative than representative democracy.... When people speak directly, representatives have to shut up. And it happened today.

Probably 95 percent of the professionals of representative democracy had one opinion, and 57 percent of the people had the other opinion. It's a great moment, really.... It's a growing phenomenon -- representatives don't represent any more the people. [...]

When it's important for the state, the government tells you that you have to vote yes, there's no reason to vote no, it's irresponsible to vote no. And they repeated it at high levels with more and more stress until the last day. And the people voted no!... It's incredible.

I also found this unintentional funny post:

The EU does not need France.

Also, and most importantly, the over-preponderant and objectively non-essential use of French in the EU should start being immediately reduced and be replaced with English. English is the world language and there is no need for so much French to be spoken in the EU. Indeed, it would be a good idea to move the "capital" of the EU out of French-speaking Brussels. The center of the "real Europe" is more in the direction of Berlin. French is a language of minor importance worldwide, representing a people whose majority apparently do not have the European spirit and who are apparently still lost in primitive and long-outdated foolish nationalism.

My opinion? Thanks, France. Now we have the oportunity to create a good constitution, not just an European one. The current propossed constitution has a democratic deficit.

By the time I'm writing this, polls say Dutch also rejected the European Constitution.

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