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Monday, May 16, 2005

Declare your site a Google free zone (worrying about Google Web Accelerator)

My WTF of the day: Don't Like Google? Declare Your Site A Google Free Zone!:

Karl-Friedrich Lenz has declared his blog a Google-Free Zone over concerns about Google Web Accelerator. He's blocked Google from crawling his site and changed any links he had to Google to now lead to Yahoo.


The most extreme act, however, was adding code to his server that rewrote all traffic from Google to Yahoo. That means that if you click on a link in the Google search engine that points to his site (in spite of the robots.txt, this still does occur), instead of sending you to the page linked in Google, you will be sent to Yahoo.com, effectively sabotaging Google search and infuriating anyone who uses Google to find any information about him or information he is considered an authority on. Given that his blog has a PageRank of 7, and his website has a PageRank of 6, this is no small matter.

Karl-Friedrich Lenz says:

The reason why my reaction is much stronger lies in the fact that I have been opposed to any large-scale collection of Internet traffic data for years.

Also Benjamin Adam worries about the new error page of Web Accelerator.

Cory Doctorow:

It would be great to see Google setting up a Tor node with similar resources to this, though, and enabling some more robust anonymity.

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